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Run Confident -
Run Strong

Your journey starts here!

Mums who want to run...

This 8 week programme builds you back up to running, safely and effectively and with your body in mind!

A couple of questions for you...

1. Are you struggling with running after having a baby? Have you tried to go for a run. only to realise your body isn't responding the same way anymore?

2. Do you feel overwhelmed by conflicting advice? Have you spent hours Googling for answers, only to end up more confused and frustrated?

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Even if you were an avid runner before pregnancy, things change afterward!

But don’t worry, this is good news! Understanding your new body helps you run smarter and feel stronger.

Does any of this sound like you?

These experiences may be completely normal and indicate that you might not be ready to run just yet. The good news is that with a few simple exercises you can determine your readiness to run.

Download my FREE Return to Running Guide and take the running readiness test today!

You went for a run but your legs felt heavy and restricted.

Your energy levels were low and sluggish.

You experienced some (or a lot) of leakage.

Joints or back hurt during or afterward.

If that sounds like you, then I may have the solution!

You know that things need to change but you are stuck in a rut, doing what you always have done because it is familiar.

You don't have time to run like your friends who don't have babies

You're at home more so can't get to a gym without a lot of effort

You're frustrated when you try to run and don't enjoy it

Do you wish you had someone to tell you what to do each day, each week?

So you can spend more time with your new family and less time navigating training programmes that just don't suit postpartum bodies.

Run Confident - Run Strong

An 8 week postpartum return to running programme designed for mums by a mum!

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What you'll get


A Running Programme Designed for Mums

This 8 week programme is specifically tailored for mums and is approved by a women's health physio. It takes into account the unique changes your body has undergone, ensuring you return to running safely and effectively. Each week, you'll build your confidence and fitness, making consistent progress while fitting in family and life! 


Strength Training Inlcuded

Sick of those programmes that tell you to strength train or cross train but don't tell you what to do? Meaning you need to spend more money on a separate programme. Not this one! This programme needs no special equipment and can be done from the comfort of home - helping you become stronger!  


Comprehensive Postpartum Running Information

This program is more than just training—it's your complete guide to postpartum running. You'll get a clear timeline for safely returning to running, along with essential insights about your pelvic floor, core restoration, and the other changes your body experiences after having a baby. This knowledge will help you listen to your body to achieve the best results!

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Try before you buy

Not ready to buy just yet? Try the first week of Run Confident - Run Strong on me!

A women and her family

Did you know that the recommended timeframe for returning to running after giving birth is 12 weeks? (Goom, Donnelly and Brockwell, 2019) When I started running after having my daughter, I didn't know that.

I assumed that because I had run for years, I'd bounce back and be able to train as "normal." However, not only did having a baby change my "normal," but my body did not simply bounce back.

Once I understood that running more wasn't the answer, I began to make huge improvements—not only in my times, but also in how I felt when I ran. It was no longer a chore and a struggle; it became enjoyable again!

That's why I designed a program that sets out all the things I learned on my journey, giving you the roadmap to avoid the same mistakes I did.


(REPs Registered, TriNZ Accredited Coach, Accredited MumSafe™ Trainer, and Safe Return to Exercise™ certified)

Kia ora! Sierra here

"The recommended time frame  for returning to running after giving birth is 12 weeks."

The Optimum Return to Running Guide

Have you given birth in the last 12 weeks? Down load my FREE return to running guide and find out what you need to know before you lace up your sneakers!

Want more? 

Masterclass: Return to Running After Baby

Watch this Masterclass and get tips and advice on how to return to running after having a baby.

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