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UPDATED and Women's Health Physio approved!


Do you struggle to find a running programme that takes into account the fact that you've had a baby? Not only has your body changed but so has the demands on your time! 


As a mum myself I know! I struggled to find running programmes that helped me to run safely after having my daughter. I had to piece things together from different programmes and websites and it became quite overwhelming. 


I've done the piecing together for you and put in everything you need to know about running or returning to running in this 8 week run/walk style programme - Run Confident - Run Strong. You'll get access to strength training videos and guidance on pelvic floor strength, core strength and other tips for running while healing from birth. 


This programme is designed as a run/walk programme in which you'll gradually increase your running time over the 8 weeks. There are 3 running/walking days and 2 cross training days. On the cross training days core and booty workout videos are provided for you to follow along to. In weeks 5-8 the effort will pick up and an optional additional cross training day is included.


So special equipment is needed for the home based cross training workouts. However, you are welcome to start adding weights in if you have them.


Please consult your medical professional before starting this programme and I recommend every women see a women's pelvic floor physio before starting this programme. 

Run Confident - Run Strong

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