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Own Your Finish Line!

Join to get the support you need to go even further


Do you want to take your training to the next level? Do you want to train at your best at every stage of your life?

SparkleFit Squad is no ordinary training group. It is a guilt free place where women can train with the support and knowledge they deserve. 

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Do you want...

  • to take your training to the next level?

  • to train alongside others for maximum motivation?

  • make the best use of your limited time?

  • a detailed training plan mapped out for you?

  • to train at your best at every life stage?

  • support and accountability?

  • to join an inclusive community that is all about helping each other succeed?

Then SparkleFit Squad is the place for you! 

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  • A detailed training planed designed for your event

  • A women's health focused approach

  • Support and accountability every step of the way

  • Access to a private community group to share stories and training tips

  • Options to include in person group training sessions (Wellington, NZ) and online Q&A sessions

  • Options to receive additional personalised feedback from me

What you will get...


Meet the Coach!

Kia ora! Sierra here!

I'm the founder and coach of Sparkle Fitness. I'm thrilled that you are on this page and taking a step towards reaching your goals!

I am a certified coach who specialised in creating plans to help women train to their potential at any stage of their lives. My mission is to create a place where women have access to the information that applies to them, and empower them to achieve their goals!

Join SparkleFit Squad and you'll get more than just a training plan. I'm here to support you every step of the way, whether you're a busy mum looking to reclaim your inner sparkle, a women aiming for new milestones, or simply seeking a supportive community to motivate your training journey.

So register now and shine brighter together!

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Pick the group that is right for you!
All options are 8 weeks long and are designed to finish with your key event

SparkleFit Pro

$75 per wk

If you have a time based goal or want a personalised and hands on coaching experience, then this is the option for you.


This option includes:

  • personalised training programme

  • unlimited programme changes

  • weekly session feedback

  • access to SparkleFit Squad community group

  • access to special chat group

  • Saturday group training

  • Fortnightly online training Q&A sessions

SparkleFit Boost

$50 per wk

Do you have trouble sticking to a training plan? Maybe you start with a hiss and a roar and then lose motivation?

This option will help keep you motivated with more access and support from me!

This option includes:

  • online group training programme

  • access to SparkleFit Squad community group

  • access to special chat group

  • Saturday group training

  • Fortnightly online training Q&A sessions

SparkleFit Online

$25 per wk

This option is for you if you can't make the in person group sessions. You might also have some experience with training programmes and coaching already, but like following a programme so all the thinking is done for you.

This options includes:

  • online group training programme

  • access to SparkleFit Squad community group

  • Fortnightly online training Q&A sessions



I was training for the 2023 Iron Māori quarter, Sierra helped me to stay on track with training. She was flexible and understanding and ensured training fit in with my lifestyle. Compared to 2018 when I trained for the same event myself, I managed to cut 30 minutes off my time with the help of Sparkle fitness!


I set myself a goal of completing my first triathlon and enlisted Sierra's help. I'm so glad I did. She has coached me with kindness, patience, and unending enthusiasm to meet my goal. Sierra has gone above and beyond to ensure my success, even working around various injuries. Now that I have completed my first triathlon, I am looking at a half ironman. I have total confidence that, with Sierra's help, I'll be successful.


I have attended Sierra’s stretch and strength class for the last 9 weeks. I have been stretched in more ways than one! Not only have I worked out muscles to be come stronger, I have also worked on technique. She has taught me different exercises I could do from home and left me with lots to consider each week from the learning shared in class.

Register your interest for the next intake!

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