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Add a little sparkle

Online membership


Add a little Sparkle to your day

Don't want to get up early to exercise? Want to exercise in the comfort of your own living room or yard? Exercise on your own terms and when it fits in with you with my base membership.

You'll get unlimited access to my workout videos that will make you stronger and get you sparkling. There is no equipment needed and all you'll need is 20mins at the most. The exercises can also be modified so whether you are a beginner, coming back from injury or post natal, there will be something for you.

You'll also get access to my menus and recipes. That way when you have finished your workout, you'll have plenty of healthy and family friendly meal ideas on hand. Easy, simple ingredients, no fads and no special ingredients!

All for less than $10 per week!


Suitable for Beginners



Home based workouts



Professional Trainer

Easy recipes

High Intensity (HIIT)

For busy mums, a series of fun 20 minute (ish) cardio based online home workouts. These are high intensity and high impact so as to get your heart rate up and maximise your workout time. While ladies don't sweat, you'll definitely shine!

Try a free 4 minute taster workout below.

Sparkle Stronger (Strength)

The aim is to still keep these online workouts under 30mins. However, they are slower paced to focus on building functional, child carrying strength! You'll only need equipment that can be found around the house, nothing special.


These are lower impact and intensity online workouts. Perfect for rebuilding strength and fitness after birth. Also perfect for those who have knee issues or cannot yet do the HIIT workouts. Please do consult your medical professional before engaging in an exercise regime if you are postpartum or have injuries. 

Online workouts

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