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EVEolution™ Affiliated Trainer

Finally a course that is designed for women to help you navigate through the stages of your life!

This online course is the perfect partner to your running programme or gym routine. You will learn strategies to harness your body’s potential and implement small, sustainable changes into your life. You will discover how to work with the natural processes of your body, whether it’s reproductive, menstrual or hormonal.

I'm an EVEolution affiliated trainer. This means that I have been through the course myself and I'm qualified to help you with your own journey - whether it be running or strength work. I'm here to help you implement what you learn!

What is EVEolution™?

Now with bite-sized mini courses! Perfect for the time and budget conscious.


This online course will help you navigate the stages of your life and teach you how to make the most of each stage! The course will cover the following:

  • Movement

  • Pelvic Floor & Leaky Facts

  • Core Knowledge

  • Periods

  • Pregnancy and Post Natal

  • Menopause

You are going to love it.

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