1 cup or 2?

Did you know that our bladders are capable of holding up to 2 cups of liquid? Overnight this capacity can reach about 4 cups!

Urgency incontinence

So why then do you feel like you need to go so many times during the day, and even waking to go a few times overnight?

One reason might be your pelvic floor isn't quite strong enough or functioning as it should. So this means you feel like your bladder can't hold its full capacity and you need to go more frequently.

However, we can also create a habit of going too frequently. Meaning our brain tells us we MUST go even if only a little bit comes out. This isn't good for us long term either!

This is what happened to me after having my daughter. But it wasn't necessarily caused by a weak pelvic floor. Instead, for what ever reason, I developed an extremely annoying vaginal itch. It was so bad the itch would wake me up at night and then I would need to go to the toilet, just because I was awake.

This went on for so long that it became a habit - I'd be luckily if I only woke once each night. Waking once a night might not sound bad. But because I took so long to get back to sleep after each wake, it was impacting on my sleep. I needed good quality sleep to help me recover from my training and job. When that started to decrease I found it much harder to get up early and get out for a run. It also made me grumpy and easily irritated during the day!

The solution?

I went and saw a pelvic floor physio (to check on my pelvic floor and see what the process was like so I could tell my clients) and we got talking about incontinence and my itching. Even though this was outside of her scope she suggested that I try using the haemorrhoid cream that I had from when I had haemorrhoids during pregnancy and see if that helped (because everything else that the GPs had suggested wasn't).

And you know what, it did! Once the itching stopped I was able to start sleeping through the night again and break the waking habit. I then started to feel rested and more recovered and could resume training again without exhausting myself.

It just goes to show how important sleep is and also how important it is to address things before they turn into bad habits you need to un-learn.

If you want to understand you body more and how it works and changes at different stages of your life click through to EVEolution. When you are armed with the knowledge it is much easier to identify the solution!

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