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Run Confident - Run Strong

How to run after baby 

Run Confident, Run Strong, postpartum running programme for beginners

Running and triathlon coaching

Sometimes it just helps to have someone else tell you what to do! One less thing to decide and worry about!

I can help guide you to an event or back into a more consistent and structured training routine. I can also help you return to running/triathlon safely after having a baby (did you know that the general advice is to wait 3-6 months after birth before running?)

Coaches are not just for the elite or serious. Navigating a training programme or knowing what to do each day or week for a race can be intimating and confusing. There are plenty of free programmes out there. But the quality is variable and they will not be personally tailored to you and your needs.

It is worth the investment so that you can stand on the start line confident that you can give the event your best shot.

I do 6 week programmes (and you can roll over every 6 weeks or do a one off 6 week programme). To start with you get an initial consultation with me to discuss your goals and exercise history. Then every 6 weeks you get:

  • 1 in person PT session;

  • a daily training plan;

  • weekly feedback on your progress;

  • access to my online workout library;

  • access to my online recipe library;

  • you can attend 1 group class each week; and

  • a zoom catch up at the end of the 6 week block.

All that for only $299 every 6 weeks (that's less that $50 per week for personalised training)!

Contact me now for a no obligation chat!

How confident are you that you can run without leaking? Or maybe it feels like every time you start running again you get injured? Or you might feel like you simply do not have the time any more?

It takes time after birth to heal. You don't need to feel guilty about taking time to heal. Running places a huge stress on your pelvic floor. So even if you feel physically able to run, it pays to build up slowly and work on your pelvic floor strength at the same time.

Running is a great way to get fit and look after your physical and mental health. You an even run with baby in tow! My 8 week Run Confident - Run Strong programme will help you return to (or start) running after having a baby by building up your running fitness safely and effectively. If you go at your own pace, before you know it, you’ll be jumping and running without embarrassment and feeling great about yourself!


Whether you are new to running or more experienced, I'm sure you'll find something in this programme for you.

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Finally a course that is designed for women to help you navigate through the stages of your life!

This online course is the perfect partner to your running programme or gym routine. You will learn strategies to harness your body’s potential and implement small, sustainable changes into your life. You will discover how to work with the natural processes of your body, whether it’s reproductive, menstrual or hormonal.

I'm an EVEolution affiliated trainer. This means that I have been through the course myself and I'm qualified to help you with your own journey - whether it be running or strength work. I'm here to help you implement what you learn!

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