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triathlon and running coach, female personal trainer Karori, Wellington
EVEolution affliated female personal trainer, Wellinton, Karori
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S is for Sparkle, and for Sierra

Personal Trainer & Running and Triathlon Coach

I'm a runner, an Ironman athlete, but most importantly, I'm a mum (probably with a chocolate addiction!). I know what it is like to have constant demands on your time and the daily struggle to find time to do things that make you shine.

After a career in the law, I decided to follow my passion and do what makes me happy, what makes me Sparkle & become a personal trainer. Let me do the same for you and bring fun and joy back into food and fitness.

Let's get ready to Sparkle!

- Sierra Ryland (nee Sparksman)

women running, female running coach, postpartum running, Karori Wellington

Introducing Sparkle Fitness Coaching

Small Sparkles everyday can lead to big results

I'm an accomplished runner, triathlete and a TriNZ accredited coach. I can help you with a running or triathlon programme to your first event or to help you improve for next time. I take into account your lifestyle and other commitments and tailor a programme that makes the best use of the time you have, without compromising on family time (see the FIT page for more about my services and group fitness classes).

I am also qualified to train pregnant and post partum women. Check out my 8 week run and strength programme that provides you with all the information you need to know to run safely after having a baby (no more embarrassing leaks). All you need to do is follow it! - saving you precious time Googling what to do.

If you want to sparkle even more then you can book personal training sessions with me! I'm a mobile trainer and can come to you or you can come to me in Karori, Wellington. I can also help guide you on eating healthier, weight loss and help keep you on track to reach your goals.

Family time is precious, but you deserve to look after yourself!

Contact Me to book a free Consult

8A David Crescent Karori, Wellington, NZ  |  Tel: 021 258 9445

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